Styling an Off-Shoulder Dress

There’s something about an off the shoulder dress that screams sex appeal, displaying just the right amount of décolletage to draw the eye, without too much distraction.

The neckline was popular during the early 1800s, especially in Regency Britain and Napoleonic France. In fact, Napoleon’s Empress Eugenie – dubbed the Empress of Fashion – spearheaded the seductive style, often accessorizing with an alluring string of pearls. She took her lead from designer Charles Frederick Worth, known as the father of haute couture.

Back in the 20th century, fashion icon and sex symbol Bridgette Bardot brought the neckline back into the limelight. She bared her blades so often that her take on the neckline even came to be named after her. The Bardot is slightly more daring than its traditional counterpart, sweeping horizontally across the shoulders.

How to Wear an Off-Shoulder Dress

An off-shoulder dress can be worn during the day if you keep it simple with an A-line skirt and tiered fabric. For a fun summery look, wear it with flat strappy sandals, a straw hat, and a leather cross-body purse.

Evening events are where the off-shoulder dress begins to shine. Take a leaf out of Eugenie’s book and try it with a pretty choker of pearls. Alternatively, leave the neck naked to accentuate the allure of this slinky style. Don’t forget a strapless bra so as not to detract from the exposed shoulders, and add elegant sling-back stilettos.

OMARU Off-Shoulder Dresses

Inspired by the designer's fun-loving aunts, Catherine and Juliette, these dresses help you channel your independence. It took over three iterations to perfect this style, which is crafted from a sumptuous cotton sateen sourced from Italy. Both feature an adjustable off the shoulder neckline and ruffled sleeves which can be worn up or down depending on your mood. The wide pleated skirt offers plenty of swing for any dancing occasion, while an expertly structured drape adds elegance and grace.

Catherine Eternal-Green Off-Shoulder Dress

A long sleeve off-the-shoulder dress that features elasticated adjustability for the perfect fit. In beautiful emerald green, the jewel-toned design can be dressed up or down. Rich durable fabric is expertly woven together for a fit that flatters your silhouette, with a wide waistband to draw the eye.

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Juliette Lover-Pink Off-Shoulder Dress

In a vibrant shade of bright coral pink, Juliette is bold, beautiful, and breathable, made using high-quality textiles that offer just the right amount of give. Try it with matching pink lipstick and black strappy heels for a fun party look or dress it down with platform sandals and a nude purse for daytime events.

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